Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boards for Sale

I've got a couple of Wombats that I'm letting go for cheap.

Bennett PU foam blank with 3ply stringer / Epoxy finish
4'8" x 21.5"
double layer of 6oz S-glass top and bottom.
Quad Futures setup
Custom airbrush
Xtrak Traction

4'6"x 21"
double layer 6oz s-glass top and bottom
Futures Twin setup
Custom Airbrush
Xtrak Traction

1 comment:

desotodave said...

I am looking for a FAST surf style board, these look nice. I have rode skim up till this point in time, but I am 205 and would like a fast board I can use to get some AIR. Will yours accomodate this?

E-mail me @