Friday, July 18, 2008

Some airs

With my 200lbs and with our small Malibu Vride it is not always easy to bust out of the wake and catch air when wakesurfing.

It can be done however....


Smeds said...

Nice airs! You definitely have some nice moves and know how to ride the wave. I wish you would have showed me your tricks and style early on, I would have gotten more daring. I caught the wakesurf fever!

Your modified exhaust is a nice addition to the boat to make it safe. I didn't know such things were on the market. This is good.

The Cochran Family said...

Found ya! I did a search on you tube for surfing behind a boat and guess what I found? :) Your wife wake-surfs 8 mon prego and makes a mean batch of Enchilades! Where did you find that Valley Girl? J/K hehe I can't wait to try it out..thanks for yesterday..good times!